On 5 April 2022 we had 200 employees; these relevant employees were used to measure the gender bonus gap using bonus data from the previous 12 months, 110 were men and 90 women giving us a gender balance of 55:45.

Distribution of employees across our pay range The chart below shows our gender balance followed by the distribution across the four quarters of the pay range. The background shading shows our overall gender balance and allows us to see where we deviate from this balance in each quarter. We believe that any analysis should ultimately return to a discussion about the actual men and women that populate our pay range. To show this we have superimposed the actual numbers of each gender who are in these quarters, and we have shown the imbalance in brackets. This analysis shows us that 9 men and 9 women would have to swap across the median line (between the upper middle and lower middle pay quarters) to achieve total balance.


Lisa Lawrenson
HR Director


Zivile Sniokaite 
Product Director


Alina Kerry 
International Sales Director


Kimberley Bull
Senior Brand Manager

Science in Sport PLC is a high-performance business, with a shared commitment to go above and beyond to be the best. 

We have a set of four values that clearly outline what it means to be a part of the Company and what makes a great colleague. They also guide our commitment to our investors. 

Growth: Our realisation of our commitment to be the best every day 

Change: Our original thinking. Our evolution. Embracing constant change is part of our culture 

Focus: Our unwavering will to win in the marketplace and every aspect of business 

Resilience: Our collective ability to withstand adversity and utilise our strengths to overcome any challenge

Our people know the performance nutrition market like no one else. The 240-strong team is drawn from 29 countries worldwide, and they are passionate about sport, health and wellness.

We have functional experts in all disciplines, including science, brand, data science, digital marketing, retail selling, and supply chain. Our young, dynamic team is drawn from leading brands and businesses across various industry sectors.

We invest in training our team, and we invest in their wellness. Most of the team have sports and wellness pursuits across a range of sports. We understand our customers because we live the same lifestyles as our customers.9


 In Blackburn our ethnic representation is 25% more than the regional average, but in London it’s approximately 50% less than average.

2023 to 2024 is focused on succession planning and internally promoting our valuable staff to break the barriers showcase our diverse talent.