Rob Green

Digital Designer - Fixed Crit Racer

What sport/discipline/Fitness activity do you take part in? Why? How long?

Fixed Crit racing. I started riding bikes for getting around London about 13 years ago and fell in love with racing fixed gear bikes along the way.

What’s your current goal?

To get back in the mix in races after a few years of sporadic training balancing family, organising events and work

How often do you train?


How do you train?

Currently strength work at gym with some cardio/long rides when possible. Fixed crit racing is a mix of track racing strength/endurance and bike handling skills.

What’s your biggest training tips?

Devote time for yourself and keep that time sacred. It will help you mentally as well as physically.

What’s your biggest bit of advice for someone starting?

Don’t get put off by not being as fast as other people. We all started somewhere. Take your early results and aim to improve on them race by race. You can listen to advice from more experienced peers but forge your own path.

What’s your favourite thing about your sport/discipline?

It’s a real eclectic mix of people compared to other cycling disciplines, and because it’s a reasonably new sport within cycling, a new generation of riders and organisers can shape it for the modern world.

What’s the goal for 2022?

Pushing the limits with organising ThunderCrit and hopefully getting some international races in (I’ve missed the buzz of travelling somewhere new and meeting new people).

What’s your biggest achievement to date? In sport or general?

In 2021 we (my team NLTCBMBC) launched a new way to classify categories at ThunderCrit. We did away with the usual Male and Female constructs and developed a new concept to allow for inclusion of non-binary and transgender riders like no other race had done before. I’m hoping that other races will learn from this and follow suit soon.

What or who inspires you?

I just want to give back to a community/sport that helped me and continues to challenge me physically and mentally on a regular basis. If I can be a good role model for my kids and make a difference going forward that helps people feel included and wanted within the sport then I’m happy with that.

What’s your favourite product from PhD and SiS?

100% Plant protein from PhD and SiS Energy Bakes

What do you love about being a part of SiS/PhD?

It’s great being a part of a business that is so closely aligned with my beliefs (diversity, inclusion and building others up) and also linked with all the sports I love.