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Dwain Jackson

Head of Trading USA - American Footballer and Gym-Goer

What sport/discipline/Fitness activity do you take part in? Why? How long?

I played American football for 7-8 years, I now just focus on strength training at the gym.

I’ve played several sports from football, rugby and athletics running 100m/200m and 4x100m relay.

What’s your current goal?

I like most people put on unwanted weight during the first lockdown period, I’ve been able to drop most of it through diet and training. My goal is to continue that journey and get back to the shape I’m normally in come football season. I’m considering possibly playing again this summer.

How often do you train?

I train 3-4 time per week

How do you train?

I work out at the gym

What’s your biggest training tips?

My biggest training tip is to find something you enjoy doing, working out or playing sport is so much more rewarding if it’s something you really enjoy and have a passion for.

What’s your biggest bit of advice for someone starting?

If it’s the gym go to an intermediate session with a friend and share the experience, even if it’s a sports discipline you can push each other through It. One of the best things about sports Is the camaraderie.

What’s your favourite thing about your sport/discipline?

One of my favourite things about the gym or any sport is personal growth, the fact every time you go to a session or head to the gym you are making a personal step to improving. I’ve always found a home playing sports and going to the gym, when times have been difficult personally and the ups and downs in life, you’re able to leave all our troubles at the door and let loose for that period of time.

What’s the goal for 2022?

My fitness goal for 2022 is to get into my football shape so I am confident of returning to the field and making a difference to my team.

My professional goal is to exceed on all my KPI’s this year and over deliver on what we set out for the USA market.

What’s your biggest achievement to date? In sport or general?

Winning the britbowl with my American football team the London Warriors.

What or who inspires you?

In all honestly my mum inspires me the most, she came here as an immigrant from Jamaica. Raised her children on her own while working a full-time job and studding to be a fully qualified nurse. She’s the one who taught me hard work and that anything can be achieved by real dedication.

What’s your favourite product from PhD and SiS?

My favourite product from PhD has to be the Smart Bar Salted Caramel & for SiS I love REGO Rapid Recovery Chocolate

What do you love about being a part of SiS/PhD?

This is an ambitious fast-moving business and that’s what I love about it, everyone is so driven here to deliver and those types of characteristics bring the best out of the team.